I offer fast, accurate proofreading and English language editing of dissertations, academic papers, etc.

I also offer a translation service from Italian to English, for journal papers and dissertations in finance-related subjects.

I specialise in Finance, Economics, Business, Management and Mathematics.

I am a native English speaker and have excellent English and word-processing skills.

I have a PhD in Financial Mathematics.  I have also supervised MSc projects in Finance.

Corrections are made electronically in Word, using the Track Changes function.

I check English grammar, spelling, vocabulary and the overall sense of the text.

I do not check the academic content of the work, but I will suggest ways of improving your writing, if necessary, so that your work can be more fairly judged.  I have worked for many non-English speaking academics and students and have extensive experience in correcting English language while maintaining the high standards required of academic writing.

The proofreading service includes a one-off proofreading of your manuscript. However, I am happy to answer questions about the changes I've suggested via email.  If you wish me to re-read your manuscript after you have made new changes to it, then I will charge again, usually at the same rate.